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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Let's hope the "terrorists" aren't listening!

The local FOX FM station here in Kansas City is running an ad for radar-scramblers that’s targeted at drivers with a “leadfoot” (that’s the word they use). This so-called “cloaking” device will let you cruise around in warp drive like a Romulan star ship while you jam the gendarmes' radar guns. The ad is full of assurances that the device is legal, though a half dozen states have outlawed the thing, and it comes with a guarantee that (get this!) they'll pay your speeding ticket if it doesn't work.

So here’s FOX running an ad to encourage you to befuddle cops and break the law (disclaimers to the contrary). I couldn’t help wondering what their wingnut talking heads would say if Air America ran these ads.

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