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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Is CNBC the new FOX?

The pseudo-reporters at FOX have nothing on CNBC when it comes to ripping the Obama administration. Joe Kernan, Larry Kudlow, and many of their cohorts were at it long before Rick Santelli went on his now infamous "Chicago Tea Party" rant. Even Jim Cramer, the populist investment guru / former hedge fund manager, has been laying into Obama lately. Their brothers and sisters at FOX could take lessons in smug from CNBC.

But here's the question: With all that smugness, and all the optimism they've had about the markets for years past, how come none of them saw what was coming? Aren't they supposed to be reporters and analysts? Who's made any money listening to them?

Jon Stewart impaled them on their own words last night. Check it out.

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