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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Six Years of the Iraq War

Kansas City, Mo. It’s been six years since the US invaded Iraq – longer than World War II or the Civil War. The headlines on Friday were filled with the AIG bonuses, the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, and President Obama’s appearance on Leno last evening, on March 19th, the very day of the war’s anniversary, though he neglected to mention it.

About three dozen people gathered in Mill Creek Park as dusk fell, lining the street as a peaceful reminder that the war continues and Americans and Iraqis are still dying there.

As dusk gave way to darkness, we lit candles and shared in reading the names of every American soldier who had died in Iraq – 4,260 names, each one an individual and part of a family. My wife compared it to saying the rosary, which I haven’t done in many (many) years, but she was right. There was an almost mystical effect to it. One’s imagination raced as each name acquired personhood. Our son served in the Army and did tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan, so we felt a special affinity for the families of these service men and women.

Here are some images from the event:

Bobby Wright, Jennifer Palmer, and Steve Sheridan.

Attorney and PeaceWorks board member Henry Stoever.


A digitally-challenged peace activist has trouble waving the peace sign.

Candlelight photo by Anne Pritchett

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  1. Ahhhh, yes. A minimum of four seriously weight challenged dirtbags in a GMC Yukon Denali (estimated GPM *(gallons per mile) 8.4). I am sure that all of these gentlemen were enthusiastic supporters of the weasels little romp in the sand. Of course, one could easily see them patrolling beyond the limits of the Baghadad Hilton, or carrying out night time recon in Mosul on their way to those beloved purple hearts. Oh, wait a second. Little rethuglicans think that purple hearts are for band aids, condoms and toilet paper. Sorry boys, my bad. Saaaayyy, you gents look like you could use a little firming up, and the US Army could sure use some new bringers of democracy to finish what yer "feerless leader" started six years ago. So what do ya say????