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Friday, April 10, 2009

Come back when you’re ready, Mr. President!

It can’t be more than a coincidence that President Barack Obama won’t be collecting an honorary degree in Sen. John McCain’s home state of Arizona.

Nah! Don’t even think it.

Arizona State University has decided that Obama is just too green around the ears—or maybe too Democratic.

“His body of work is yet to come,” said Sharon Keeler, a university spokeswoman (by all accounts with a straight face). “That’s why we’re not recognizing him with a degree at the beginning of his presidency.”

A Phoenix newspaper editorial was quick to respond, perhaps hoping to limit the damage, and the embarrassment:

“But [other recipients] had much still to accomplish. Barry Goldwater received his honorary degree in May 1961, three years before his Republican nomination for president and only eight years into his three decades as a U.S. senator. Sandra Day O’Connor was similarly recognized just three years into her 25 years on the U.S. Supreme Court.”


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